Averageness - how can’t you love it? Making just enough money never to be able to buy awesome stuff, the constant fear of getting fired from your boss, living for the weekends because you are batshit afraid of Mondays your whole life…

Should we go on?

Being average - we are sincere right now - fucking sucks.

We at Mperior think your life is too precious, and your potential is too big to settle for averageness. You deserve more, and you can achieve more - and we are 100% sure about this. That is the essence why Mperior started and why we are here. It’s our mission to motivate you to strive for greatness and help you on your journey.

To make you level up, even more, we created FckAverage - a weekly newsletter that’s, who knew, absolutely not your average cookie-cutter bullshit. No more pseudo motivation you see recycled daily on your news feed. No more comforting quotes that won’t bring you shit. Just a straight forward newsletter - made to destroy averageness, one E-Mail at a time.

Oh, and did we mention it’s 100% free?

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