How to get more done Part 2/2

If you haven't read part 1 of "How to get more done" please do so first, before going on with this article!

After we now determined why it's crucial to success to switch up some choices, I want to go ahead and give you some practical examples on how to do this!

  1. Breakfast: This is the most important meal of the day, but you don't have to spend half an hour or more on this. Instead of preparing your usual meal, try making shakes. Go for example for a low-fat greek yoghurt, mix it with some fresh berries & a banana, oats & nuts. With this, you'll have healthy fats to boost your brain power, proteins to improve muscle function, carbs to have more energy, and fruits to give you some vitamins. To do all this, it won't take you more than 2 minutes, saving you 7 days per year. (There are way more possibilities to make shakes, so it won't get boring, too!)
  2. Driving: While you obviously have to drive sometimes (To work, meeting people etc.) you could use that time positively. So instead of wasting days a year to drive around hearing your favorite artist, you could listen to podcasts. It won't save you any more time, but it will help you improve your life. Listen to GaryVees Podcast, Successful Entrepreneurs, or things that are relevant to you. By doing that, you won't sit in a corner "doing nothing" meanwhile, but since you are underway, it's a nice hack to improve your knowledge!
  3. Netflix: This shouldn't be a bash about Netflix, I love to just sit back & watch my favorite show after a long day hustling, too. But I know people watching their favorite series all Sunday long, sitting on their butt watching stupid TV shows every evening etc. So what seems to be "just a show a day" makes you waste several days a year (You could use being productive). I know, if you worked a mind busting 16 hour day, you are not looking to be any more productive - everyone needs a break of course. But instead of doing so in front of the TV or your Laptop, do so by reading a book. A self-development book, books about success, money, a textbook that goes into depth about new concepts that are relevant for you. Doing so, you'll not waste those time but instead work on yourself - without even noticing it! This also has the benefit of making you more tired in the evening, making you fall asleep faster!
  4. Leisure: We all need to go out sometimes. As an entrepreneur, it's likely you work Monday - Sunday, making it hard to combine working with leisure. I had this, too. What my problem was, was sitting in the same spot in my office from 9 am to midnight. And if I went out, I wasn't working - making me uncomfortable because "I only worked 10 hours today!" (Hustlers will understand this problem!) I love to go out sometimes, not to party or drink, but just to get a little variation from my office. So I did this: I found myself an awesome bar, with a nice interior, and went their a few times a week. I put the laptop on the table, and continued to work. By doing so, I had something to look forward to during the day, making me work on important tasks, and leave the less important ones for the evening. This helped me to focus during the day, and still being able to get work done while being not in my office. I understand, this isn't leisure for most people, but for me, it is. It gives you something else than just your office 24/7.
  5. Delegating Tasks: When you are a "Solopreneur" that just started out, you are likely missing one of the most important resources: Money. But still, it's from fundamental importance to delegate tasks. I mean, if you aren't a techy, but build e.g. your website by yourself, you'll end up needing days/weeks to set up a website - what someone that knows how, would do in a few hours. As someone who wants to have monetary freedom, you'll likely have a goal number you'd like to achieve in a year. So let's say this number is 1 Million $. Estimating you work "only" 8 hours each day (365 days the year) you need to make 342,47 $ an hour to achieve your target. Seeing that, why are you wasting your time on 10$ an hour activities? Hire freelancers, build a team, and outsource all the work that is "not worth your time". So instead of trying to make yourself a designer and a pro in photoshop, while you actually are a marketer with limited skills in designing, hire someone that does this for you, while you can focus on the most profitable tasks! You end up saving much time, and improving your skills on the important things that are needed for your success.
  6. Meditating: I admit it, I hated this in the beginning. I thought it was a waste of time to do this, but after trying it out, I felt more calm, more focused, and more productive. Try this: When you feel down, unproductive and just aren't focused - Place yourself on a comfortable chair, then start focusing on your breath, slowly breath in and out. Now think about being at your favorite place, for me it's a beach in Hawaii where I was in 2018. Think of the smell, being completely alone. Think about just sitting there, staring on the water (or whatever your favorite place looks like) and keep focusing on your breath. Do this for 2 minutes, 5 or 15 - as long as you need until you feel truly relaxed. After this, you might feel a bit tired, so get up walk around a bit and you'll very likely be more focused on your work afterwards, saving you the time where you think you do something, but actually aren't focused at all.
  7. Weekends: The last one is pretty much common sense. While average people spend their weekends to drink heavily and try to forget their misery, while then being hungover on Sunday, you shouldn't do that if you plan on actually becoming successful. Just think about completely being "off-work" every Saturday and Sunday in a year - that's over 100 days where you could hustle! By just working on the weekends too, you end up getting almost 3 times more done than the average person. How to motivate yourself to do this? Just think someone else is working 24 hours a day to take away all you have, and you'll suddenly feel the rush to out-hustle this *Insert your favorite word here*.

In short, use your time wisely. Instead of chilling, work. Instead of listening to music, listen to podcasts. Instead of watching TV, read. Instead of wasting your time on non-important tasks, hire someone to do it for you.

Doing all that, would be a huge change. Try starting out small, read one page a day, work a bit on the weekend, etc. and scale up on that. If you do this, I promise your life will change - drastically, and that in the most awesome way ever. Success is a choice, like everything else. Are you ready to make this choice?

Let's out-hustle yesterday! - Max from Mperior