How to get more done Part 1/2

Everyday choices, that may seem like not a big deal now, determine your future ability to succeed.

What I mean with this, is best described with a little example, you may never thought of, but that can have an impact on how much you can get done in a course of a year...

How long does your breakfast take? Have you ever thought about this? Probably not, but I did. When I was very much into bodybuilding, I spend around 30 minutes a day on breakfast. Pealing my avocado, preparing tomatoes & mozzarella cheese, making a healthy breakfast for me that I ate afterwards. Not a big deal, right? Wrong. By "wasting" 30 minutes a day, you end up wasting 182,5 hours a year (or over 7 whole days!) on breakfast. Think about it - just having a regular breakfast, can have a big impact on your time. 

Now think about how you watch 1 movie (TV/Series etc) a day, not a big deal, isn't it? The same as above, but now you'll waste over 22 days a year, while you are only watching 90 minutes a day. (The average american spends almost 4 hours a day on this!)

Alone with your regular breakfast, and the occasional TV session, you end up wasting a whopping WHOLE MONTH (being awake) per year. 

Now you might say "but I need this!" - Well, do you really? We are talking about average people here, but we aren't average. The fact you made it this far already indicates that you want to change, you want to succeed, you want to get more out of your time! (Congratulations on that!)

What if I told you, that just switching up some minor things, that you won't even notice, results in you being able to have all this time for you to work on your goals? Months you would have wasted, could turn into you becoming the greatest version of yourself.  

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