Breaking The Chains Of Society

Every day, I see the chains of society, the chains that are manifested deep in the minds of average people. Average people like your friends, your parents (and maybe you?) - basically over 90% of people that surround you. I currently saw a documentation about luxury homes in Newport Beach in California. They showed houses for several Millions of dollars, showed how this one guy just bought a weekend residence for 80 Million US-Dollars, but completely destroyed the house because "he just wanted the location" and was now up to rebuild the whole compound. What's your first reaction to this? Is it a lack of understanding, how someone just spend 80 Million on a location? Is it unimaginable for you? Then, I have bad news for you, your brain is caged in societies prison. 

When I watched this, I remembered how my family reacted to such information when I was younger. "Who needs this much money" "How has someone this much money" "This is unnecessary" "I would never buy something like this"... When I hear something like this now, from anyone, I just think "Don't worry, you'll never be in such a situation anyway." 

What I mean is this: Society wired your brain to being average. 80 Million is a lot money? No it's not - a pretty unpopular opinion, right?

Society tells you to finance your home until you are 60 - because that's what everyone is doing. Society tells you to spend 100-200K on college, to then make like 20$ an hour. Society, school, your parents - nobody tells you how to think truly big. 

When average people see houses for 10 Million - they think "how can anyone have this much money"... But when successful people see houses for 10 Million - they think "Alright, I have to sell a 500$ product, to 20.000 people to afford that" (Not including tax/product calculations right now for convenience). Do you see the difference?

Average people directly shut down their brain, they completely mess with their abilities to think of any solutions. Successful people brake big dreams down into small targets. By breaking those numbers down, 10 Million is becoming real - it's becoming a real possibility, you are telling your brain "you can do this" and your brain rewarded you with a solution.

So, while average people say "I make 50K a year, I have to not spend anything and work the next 200 years to have 10 Million" and therefore completely forget about this dream, you now know what to do. It's possible.

Why do mansions exist? Why do cars for millions dollars exist? Why do random paintings for 20 millions exist? - Because there are people being able to afford that. It's not just a dream, it's a possibility - and it's time you tell this to yourself.

I want you to do this whenever something expensive crosses your way, that you really want: Instead of the usual "I cannot afford that" - think this: "How can I afford that?" You'll notice the difference.

You can sleep on your dreams, you can also work on them. It's your choice.

- Let's hustle! Max from Mperior